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AMUT Ecotech S.r.l. is a new company created by the merging of AMUT S.p.A. in Novara, a company which has been operating in the field of recycling and transformation of the thermoplastic materials for over 50 years, and COMER €ngineering in Maserada sul Piave, a national leading Company in the field of waste processing plants for over 20 years.

As outcome AMUT ECOTECH can rely on consistent management, based on confidence and stability, to face all challenges on the field. The production is based on high technological contents, concerning automation and process controls, and focused on technical support services to customers, such as consulting, planning, assembling and final testing, commissioning and after-sale servicing.

A global offer with “turn-key” solutions, possible thanks to the recent Company growth based  on international activities and technological innovation of the products.

Latest news

  • AMUT ECOTECH shows the first mobile ballistic separator
    Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 | Novara, Italy
    AMUT ECOTECH shows the first mobile ballistic separator
    In occasion of Waste Expo, exhibition held in Atlanta at the end of April, AMUT
    ECOTECH, the member of AMUT GROUP specialized in waste disposal and sorting
    equipments exhibits the SBS 201, a single stage ...
    Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 | Milano, Italy
  • Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
    Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 | Toronto, Canada
    Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo
    Booth n.1563
  • Ecomondo
    Lunedì, 6 ottobre 2014 | Italia
    05-08 November 2014 Rimini, Italy Booth n. A3-124

About us


The experience achieved by COMER €ngineering, successfully performed in Italy and abroad, allows AMUT ECOTECH to be present today on the global market as valuable reference partner for Public Authorities or Territory Institutions, by offering to the authorities the structural, technological and financial abilities of the Group and its management skills for the realization of industrial plans complying with the development strategies.
The Company know-how is based on the manufacturing of structures for the strategic fields in the waste disposal.

The team of AMUT ECOTECH S.r.l. is composed by highly-skilled technicians and divided into management,
engineering and marketing units, able to run all operation phases, from feasibility studies, planning, construction and final testing, to full management and after-sale service.
A structure which achieved the certification of its quality system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations.
The operating office in Candelù di Maserada sul Piave includes production departments equipped with the most up-to-date technologies and can rely on the availability of executive areas with the highest technological and computing standards serving the management, research and development activities.

Therefore, AMUT ECOTECH can directly supply a wide range of integrated services with good reference both from the dimensional and quality points of view, and it is organized to support the most qualified requirements also in the international field.
The strength of AMUT ECOTECH can be summarized as follows:
- technological innovation;
- global offer of services;
- research and development of new technologies;
- dynamism;
- international capabilities;
- integration of the produced systems.

The activity of AMUT ECOTECH is built also on availability of reactive customer’s service, able to meet the most restrictive contractual requirements in terms of safety, reliability and service’s consistency, supplying to end users the best working tools to run strategic installations and/or plants for public utility.

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Production Divisions

Concerning the environmental division, the “new system” requires that the waste valorisation takes place locally as much as possible, in order to avoid the uneconomic and self-defeating transfers, even from an environmental point of view, of poor and sometimes difficult materials, but still presenting all features for the promotion of the sustainable development.

In accordance with the above mentioned versatility and mobility exigencies, AMUT ECOTECH created the following machinery, in conformity with the present market requests.
Each machine and complete plant is designed with the customer, by offering the Company know-how to fulfil and customize the solutions to be adopted.

Our Staff

Sales Department

All requests, from single component to whole plant, are evaluated in our offices by skilled staff with great experience in the engineering field and submitted to customers by our sales managers, assuring the high level of care and assistance as well as a professional supply.
Furthermore, our experts can propose consulting services, plant analysis and revising, developing proposals according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Department

The management facilities at AMUT ECOTECH S.r.l. are based on experience and high engineering skills in mechanic, structural, electric and computing fields, to achieve the development and the realization of the projects in the various intervention divisions, by drawing up flow sheets, basic plant engineering, mechanical and electro-instrumental detailed plant engineering, process engineering with control systems, turn-key supply.

Management and Control

The electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems meet the highest quality standard and reference regulations.
Such systems are designed and built thanks to supervision and programmable logic (PLC, PC, synoptic control panels), developing the management software in accordance with customer’s requirements.

Production Department

Thanks to an excellent organization of working and service equipment, materials handling and products transportation system and production set up, the manufacturing department is able to perform the established targets, by respecting the strictest quality standards.
In fact, all production procedures, from the storage of the incoming material to the tests on the machineries ready for delivery, are continuously checked to assure their compliance with the technical-constructive specifications.




Travelling Trommel and Ballistic Separator



  • Ecomondo


    News & Events: Da Lunedì, 6 ottobre 2014 @ Italia

    05-08 November 2014
    Rimini, Italy
    Booth n. A3-124

    AMUT ECOTECH shows the first mobile ballistic separator

    News & Events: Da Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 @ Novara, Italy

    In occasion of Waste Expo, exhibition held in Atlanta at the end of April, AMUT
    ECOTECH, the member of AMUT GROUP specialized in waste disposal and sorting
    equipments exhibits the SBS 201, a single stage ...
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    News & Events: Da Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 @ Milano, Italy

    Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo

    Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo

    News & Events: Da Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 @ Toronto, Canada

    Booth n.1563

Press Release

  • AMUT ECOTECH shows the first mobile ballistic separator

    Martedì, 9 settembre 2014 - Download PDF

    The AMUT ballistic separator is the first model mounted on flat-bed trailer, feature
    which represents a great improvement because it enables a complete flexibility: SBS
    201 can be added or easy-fit to every existing lines.

    El Dia (Spanish)

    Giovedì, 3 gennaio 2013 - Download PDF

    AMUT Ecotech plant for the waste treatment in Argentina

    Headline: Scioli y Macri comparten un acto y renuevan el acuerdo por la basura

    Recycling (Italian)

    Domenica, 1 luglio 2012 - Download PDF


    Plast (Italian)

    Domenica, 1 aprile 2012 - Download PDF

    Acquisition - Più grandi, più forti

    RECYCLING (Italian)

    Giovedì, 1 marzo 2012 - Download PDF

    AMUTECOTECH (about the new Company)

    Giovane ma di grande esperienza

    CPRJ (Chinese)

    Venerdì, 1 luglio 2011 - Download PDF


    Latest development of Italian recycling machines


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Uffici operativi:
Via San Marco 11/a - 31052 Candelù - MASERADA SUL PIAVE (TV) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0422 877 688 / 689 - Fax +39 0422 877 690
Uffici amministrativi:
Via Cameri, 16 - 28100 Novara - ITALY
Tel. +39 0321 664 400 / 401 - Fax +39 0321 664 499

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Model IMR 2060

Travelling trommel data sheet



Ballistic Separator



Plant for furnace-ready container glass

Plant for producing RDF / SRF



Plants for sorting and treating paper material



Treatment plant for scrap tyres



Plant for the automatic sorting and treating of plastics



Plant for sorting and treating industrial assimilable solid waste



Sorting plant for unsorted waste



VPL Plant (glass-plastic-tin/can sorting)



Plant for the sorting and treatment of non-recyclable dry waste



Biomass conveying line



Feeding lines for waste-to-energy plants



Waste transfer station



Off-site treatment plant of material from mechanical road sweeping and washing



Ballistic separator

Ballistic Separator